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What to Expect

We appreciate your consideration of the Collaborative as your legal advisor; Staff General Counsel, Participating Lawyers, and all the allied professionals participating with the Collaborative will work hard to treat you as we would want to be treated.

The Collaborative makes good, sound counsel and legal advice available to all.

You may expect from us:


Quality legal representation and service at reasonable fees

Access to qualified, screened specialists and allied professionals

Timely responses

In hourly fee matters, detailed periodic billing, and no charge for normal copy, fax, postage, or toll costs

Courtesy copies of material documents

Regular status reports

We will expect from you:

Respect for and fair consideration of our advice

In hourly fee cases, payment of our bill promptly upon receipt

Truthful reporting of all the facts - the good and the bad.

While the Collaborative gives its clients the benefit of any doubt, if you are looking for a lawyer who will help you do something immoral, unethical, or just plain wrong, we will not be right for you.

In the final analysis, the Collaborative exists to serve the interests of our clients and Participating Lawyers,
but in the context of the greater cause of pursuing justice.



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